Available Technologies for Licensing

BCIL offers exciting licensing opportunities for technologies in all key areas of biotechnology and lifesciences including Biotherapeutics, Vaccines, Medical devices and Diagnostics, Transgenics, Plant Varieties etc. The technologies currently available for licensing are given below:

Therapeutic candidates

  • Novel Anti-inflammatory Biological Drug Candidate
  • Basant-A Novel, Broad spectrum, Clinically Proven Antimicrobial Herbal Formulation
  • Novel Small Molecule Combinatorial for treatment of Antibiotic Resistant infection
  • Novel, Highly Effective and Less Toxic Drug Delivery System

Diagnostic Devices

  • Microfluidic Flow Analyzer -A State of the Art, Patented Platform Technology
  • A Novel Recombinant Protein based Diagnostic Kit for Hepatitis

Vaccines candidates

  • DIVA Vaccine Candidate for Brucellosis
  • Bivalent Vaccine for Typhoid and Paratyphoid
  • Shigella Vaccine candidate

Polymer/Drug synthesis

  • Technology to boost Erythropoietin and Darbepoetin production
  • Wound dressing polymer matrix
  • Functionalized Membrane-Based Process for Selective Isolation and Enrichment of Milk Fat Globules (MFGs)

Transgenic/Cell-line related technologies

  • Bone Morphogenetic Protein Responsive Reporter Cell Line “BRITER”
  • Bovine Primary Mammary Epithelial cells
  • Caprine Primary Mammary Epithelial cells

Plant Varieties

  • Three White Rust Resistant Oilseed Mustard (Brassica juncea) lines:
    • Varuna,
    • Pusa bold WRR2 and
    • Rohini WRR

Medical Device Technologies

  • Orthopaedic implant for sustained drug release  
  • A Novel, Zero Shrinkage Dental Composite
  • Vein Detection Device
  • Abdominal Paracentesis Device
  • Patient Transfer Sheet

Other Technologies

  • Novel Probiotics Edible Films/ Coating with Higher Shelf life
  • Assistive Device to enable access of Computers to Physically Disabled"