Technology Transfer

BCIL has experience and expertise for about 3 decades in facilitating successful transfer of technologies from Universities and Research Institution to the Industry. Till date, BCIL has transferred 60 technologies developed in national research institutes and universities to industry in India and abroad covering vaccines, diagnostics, biomedical devices, therapeutics, transgenics, biofertilizers, biopesticides, tissue culture etc.

The Key credentials of BCIL in the area of technology-transfer include the following:

  • A credible organization promoted by DBT and All India Financial Institutions with more than 29 years of experience in technology transfer and facilitating commercialization
  • Thorough understanding of the product development cycle in all verticals of biotechnology including healthcare, agriculture, bioprocess engineering, pharmaceuticals, etc
  • Systematic approach adopted by BCIL for identifying promising technologies, conducting due diligence followed by transfer to suitable licence (s) and post transfer monitoring
  • Works closely with the research institutions/ scientists and the industry for sharing market insights, devising strategies for de-risking of technologies and catalyzing their evolution from laboratory to market.
  • Deep insights into the problems in translation of laboratory scale bio-technologies into Commercial ventures.
  • Emerged as a successful enabler organization linking the research institutions and industries in diverse areas of biotechnology.
  • Qualified professionals (PhDs and postgraduates) in different disciplines of life sciences.
  • Subscription to state-of-the-art patent databases such as Thomson Innovation, Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI), Asia Full-Text Patent Content and STN.

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BCIL provides Technology Transfer services to the leading Institutes /Organizations across the country.



To facilitate the transfer of indigenous technologies, Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) undertakes a methodical step-wise approach consisting of:

  • Technology Screening
  • Technology Evaluation [Technical, IP, Market, Regulations]


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Technologies transferred

Technologies Transferred by BCIL
S.No. Licensing Year Technology Title Source Institute Name of the Licensee
1. 2019 Shigella Vaccine National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


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Available Technologies

Available Technologies for Licensing

BCIL offers exciting licensing opportunities for technologies in all key areas of biotechnology and lifesciences including Biotherapeutics, Vaccines, Medical devices and Diagnostics, Transgenics, Plant Varieties etc. The technologies currently available for licensing are given below:


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