Biotech parks

  • Biotech Park is a science and technology park for development of biotechnology sector. It is a centralized facility, where the interface of research with commerce and industry is facilitated for better utilization of the technology
  • Biotech Park is a place where researchers, business class, prospective entrepreneurs come together as collaborative partners building entrepreneurial culture, making effective utilization of available resources and attracting industrial investments along with generation of employment opportunities
  • Setting up of biotech parks has been playing an important role in the development of knowledge-based economy in states through technology innovation, networking, business management and entrepreneurial partnering and nurturing in area of Biotechnology


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Services by BCIL

BCIL has assisted various state governments in preparing project reports for setting up of biotech parks. The report includes identifying and prioritization of the biotechnology sector for which state offers unique advantages, recommending specializes biotech facilities to promote entrepreneurship and attract investments, suggesting management model and working out financial feasibility. BCIL extends advisory services in setting up and operationalization of Biotech Parks/Incubators:

Services in setting up of Biotech Parks/Incubators

  • Engineering consultancy: Preparation of various design, detailed engineering drawing & specifications, Bill of Quantity, tender document and assistance in floating tender.
  • Advisory/monitoring services: Selection of contractors and monitoring of implementation of Biotech Park/Incubator.
  • Equipment Consultancy: Preparation of detailed specification of equipment, monitoring of procurement of equipment, performance analysis and validation.


Operational Services

Services to Incubators

  • Selection of suitable incubates
  • Widespread awareness Creation
  • Review of Business Plans
  • Execution of Agreements between Incubator and Incubatees
  • Monitoring the Progress of Incubatees

Services to Incubatees

  • Mentoring Services
  • Training
  • Advisory on market access
  • Techno-legal Management